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NEW ANNOUNCEMENT:  99X has left the Atlanta airwaves and is heard solely online.  Obviously a great void is left in the lives of the thousands of dedicated listeners.  I would imagine 99X's new incarnation is a shadow of its former self as it gradually disappears from the internet without anyone's noticing or caring.

A good radio station serves its community and entertains its listeners.  But when corporations take over, the only thing they see is the bottom line.  They systematically remove everything that was good about a station, and replace it with canned music and no personality.  Hence, 99X's sad fate.

The Fansite will remain.  I understand that many of the audio clips have broken links.  This is due to donated server space disappearing on me.  Please come back and visit as I will be restoring all of the broken links so you can once again enjoy 99X when it proudly had the best morning show I have ever heard.

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The Toucher, Jimmy, and Leslie Morning Show ended on March 17, 2006 after two-and-a-half highly entertaining years.  Please see Fred's interview with 99Xwatch for more details about Fred's departure.

Fred can now be heard on Boston's WBCN.  He does an afternoon show with  Rich Shertenleib and Crash Clark weekdays at 3PM.

Afternoon guy Axel took over for Fred after St. Partick's Day, 2006, and the show began its downward spiral.  Wally soon quit on April 14 after a week of being "silenced" by Cumulus.  Jimmy's voice also disappeared, and it was said he was simply "out."  Jimmy announced on April 26 that retroactive to April 5, he was no longer employed by 99X; see 99Xwatch for more information.

The show became "Axel and Leslie," after which I stopped listening.  Later, my work schedule changed and I stopped tuning in to 99X in the mornings.  I really didn't like the new show anyway.

The fansite will remain as more or less a shrine to the best radio morning show I have ever heard.  I have no reason to take it down and don't plan to any time in the near future.  All clips will still be available for free download.

The Toucher and Rich show does stream online, and I understand it's gaining a following in Boston, as well as online listeners in Atlanta.  However, I am not listening to the show and am not collecting audio.  This is due to the fact that I have a new job with new hours, and do not have the time to listen to the whole show and record and upload audio like I did for TJ&L. 


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